Gymnastics with ears and exercise with "r" drive away the flu

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Gymnastics with ears and exercise with "r" drive away the flu
Gymnastics with ears and exercise with "r" drive away the flu

You've got the flu or a cold - it's like - you feel weak, you have a runny nose and your throat hurts like hell. You bought miracle pills, drops and syrups from the pharmacy, you drink liters of tea, but nothing helps

Here are 7 unusual and weird ways to help you heal:

P exercise

For 1-2 minutes pronounce the sound "r". Repeat the exercise every hour. This improves blood circulation in the nasopharynx, which repels germs and bacteria.

Orange Color Therapy

Put on an orange sweater, put an orange tablecloth on the table, fill a bowl with oranges, make yourself orange juice. A bright color will improve your mood and boost your immunity at a subconscious level.

Ear gymnastics

Rub your palms together, back and forth, for 1 minute. Then, with your fingers, massage the lower part of the ear by pulling the cushion down, and with the index and middle fingers straightened, rub the bone behind the ear. You will feel a general flow of energy. Repeat the exercise every hour or two.

Point massage

Press with your thumb on the point between thumb and forefinger - you will know it because it is painful. Massage for 1 minute. Repeat as many times as you like throughout the day. The effect is highly energizing.

March in place

Put on a thick vest and march in place. Even if you have a fever and no strength, this exercise is simple and you will manage. You'll sweat, then change into dry clothes and feel better.

Eat Spicy

Maybe you don't like spicy, in that case eat some spicy food - spicy soup or hot red pepper slice.

Eat almonds

Almond peels contain polyphenols that increase the sensitivity of white blood cells, which in turn are involved in fighting viruses.

Watch Comedy

Watch funny movies and laugh out loud. After only a minute, the body releases a huge amount of antibodies into the respiratory tract that attack the microbes and you will soon feel better.

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