4 easy-to-implement ideas for better he alth

4 easy-to-implement ideas for better he alth
4 easy-to-implement ideas for better he alth

We all know that movement and physical activity are vital, but regardless, we keep finding excuses and not doing enough to stay fit. The most common reason given is that we don't have time. And is this true or just an excuse for our laziness?

We offer you a few simple ways to find about 30 minutes a day for yourself and your he alth.

  • Turn off the TV - reduce the daily dose of series or funny shows by 20-30 minutes. If you have already minimized screen time, then combine training on the home exercise bike or the asana complex with watching your favorite series.
  • Limit internet surfing, hourly mail checking and Facebook gossip. Instead, go outside and quickly walk to the supermarket at least a kilometer away. Buy something small (so it doesn't weigh you down) and get back quick too. That's how you fully cover the recommended minimum physical activity per day for people aged 18-65 in good he alth and without chronic diseases.
  • Replace public transport and the car with a bicycle. It's a useful and fairly quick way of getting around the city, but if you don't have that option, at least going to and from work/lectures can be done on foot.
  • If taking care of the children and the household completely occupy your daily life, but you are determined to find time for sports, ask your husband, mother, girlfriend for help or even hire a babysitter (if you have the financial means).

Take this time and in just a few weeks you will find the beneficial effects of physical activity on your mind and body – you will be cheerful, energetic and perform your routine duties with ease.

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