No acne, wrinkles and hair loss, thanks to parsley

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No acne, wrinkles and hair loss, thanks to parsley
No acne, wrinkles and hair loss, thanks to parsley

One of the most consumed herbs in everyday life is parsley. It not only makes our dishes rich in taste, but has a number of medicinal properties. We share some of them.

Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and scars

Since vitamin C is not naturally present in our body, we must take it in the form of nutritional supplements or through food. Parsley is rich in vitamin C and consuming it helps reduce the formation of wrinkles, stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and supports cell reproduction and repair.

Parsley compress is a good remedy to relieve skin irritations. Boil a decoction of the herb, soak a cotton pad after it cools and apply on the affected areas. You can also scrub your face daily to give it a fresh and youthful look.


Reduces dark circles under the eyes

If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, parsley is one of the best solutions. Besides being rich in vitamin C, it contains high amounts of chlorophyll and vitamin K,which help reduce puffiness. Boil a decoction of the herb and apply it to the eyelids as a compress.

Has antibacterial and antifungal properties

The volatile oils present in parsley have antibacterial and antifungal properties, making the herb great for treating acne, pimples, skin infections.

Reduces hair loss

Parsley is rich in nutrients as well as apigenin, an antioxidant flavonoid that regulates hair loss. You can make a decoction of the herb and rinse your hair with it, or make a paste of fresh parsley leaves with a little water, apply it to a dry scalp for an hour, and then wash your hair as usual.

Parsley is also rich in copper, an element that promotes hair growth, but also helps slow down graying of hair.

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