Signs that you are not drinking enough water

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Signs that you are not drinking enough water
Signs that you are not drinking enough water

Although we keep hearing how important it is to drink more water in the summer, not everyone does. The signs of mild dehydration are not particularly aggressive and people rarely pay attention to them. However, it is not harmless, especially in the summer. Dehydration, even in its mild forms, can cause he alth problems to deal with later.

On average, a person should drink 2 liters of water per day. The body is made up of approximately 55-60% water, which is a significant indication that constantly lost fluids need to be replenished.

The body is like a vehicle - it begins to send alarming signals that the liquid in its cooling system, and not only, is running low. We must learn to recognize them so we know when we need to drink at least one glass of water immediately.

Dry skin not affected by moisturizing cream

When your skin is dry, cracked and irritated, you try to restore it with the help of deeply moisturizing creams and lotions. However, if they do not help and as soon as you wash your face with water the skin becomes dry and tight again, this may be one of the signs of a mild form of dehydration. Try drinking more fluids in combination with external skin hydration. If the strategy works, then your body has suffered from insufficient fluids.

Dry, sticky mouth and feeling thirsty

It may sound obvious, but for many people, it really isn't, and they ignore the feeling of thirst, thinking it's normal. However, when it appears, the body is already suffering from a lack of fluids. A chapped and sticky mouth is also a warning sign to pay attention to immediately.


Pains in the head area can occur for many reasons. One of them is dehydration. If you don't drink enough water every day, your headaches are likely to be more frequent and harder to respond to pain medication.

You are tired all the time

First of all, think about whether you follow a sleep routine and whether you go to bed on time every night. A he althy sleep of 8 hours a night is very important for a number of processes in the body. Lack of sleep can be one of the causes of fatigue during the day. Another possible cause is not drinking enough water. Dehydration in summer happens silently and can leave you feeling without any energy, tired and sleepy, even if you have slept through the night.

Weight gain

According to research published in the Endocrine Society, drinking more than 500 ml of water per day boosts metabolism by up to 30%. That is, the more fluids we drink, the faster metabolism we have. Cells find it difficult to carry out all the complex biochemical reactions in the absence of sufficient fluids. So drink water as much as you need, especially in summer.

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