4 mistakes that hinder your New Year's diet

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4 mistakes that hinder your New Year's diet
4 mistakes that hinder your New Year's diet

“I will start a diet after the New Year!” This sentence is repeated by almost every person every year. Some try but make a number of mistakes that make them a bad joke. At the very least, the diets you start after the holidays just don't work, if anything.

What are the most common mistakes we make in the post-holiday diet and how do they prevent us from succeeding in achieving an ideal figure?

We eat foods we don't like

Forcing your body to accept something you organically hate is a mistake. Don't do it. Your body and brain will become hostile to these products, which will ultimately have no effect. This is one of the biggest reasons diets fail. However, consciousness is directly related to the functioning of organs and systems, and torture has its harmful effects.

Expecting unattainable results

Don't know why people set unattainable goals in diets and very often really believe in them. Naturally, disappointment comes very soon after, followed by even more weight gain. Relax once, the yo-yo effect is irreversible.

In order not to be disappointed with the diet you set for yourself with the arrival of the new year, it is necessary to seriously think soberly about your results and expectations beforehand.


You don't plan your menu in perspective

One of the things that make us overeat during the holidays, and in general, is the lack of a clear plan of what we will eat throughout the day. In order to be able to follow your diet, it is important to draw up a plan for the next menus, which you strictly follow. That way it will be easier for you too, because you won't be wondering what exactly you're going to eat when you're out.

It's even easier not only to think about the menu, but to prepare it at home and take it with you on.

You don't have a backup plan in moments of weakness

For a diet to be successful, you should never give in to temptation. Stress eating is the biggest enemy of weight loss success. That's why you should always have a backup plan to help you fight temptation.

Think well in advance what snacks you can afford in moments of weakness and stick to them only.

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