Things that make eczema worse

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Things that make eczema worse
Things that make eczema worse

Eczema is a skin condition that flares up for different reasons in different people and is extremely difficult to control. The factors that trigger and aggravate eczema are most varied, and some of them stand out more noticeably than others.

What are the things that can make eczema worse?

Too high or too low temperatures

Extreme changes in temperature make eczema worse. They can trigger dormant eczema or make existing eczema worse. Lesions appear, scaly areas, dry skin that itches, cracks and hurts. Loss of moisture in the skin is the main cause of these symptoms. Water loss is characteristic of both temperature ranges – low and high.

Air conditioner

Air conditioners create significant changes in the temperature conditions in the room. In addition to cooling or heating the air, they make it too dry because of the principle on which they work. This dries out the skin and makes the eczema worse. If you regularly spend time in an air-conditioned room, your eczema will become more of a problem whether the air conditioner is turned on cold or hot.


Taking a shower is an essential part of your daily hygiene routine, but if you do it incorrectly, your eczema will get worse. A hot shower is bad for the skin. If eczema or dermatitis is present, the skin problems inevitably worsen because hot water dries them out further. Separately, the use of soaps and detergents without additional hydration robs the skin of moisture and makes eczema scaly, increases itching and redness.

Home dust

Dust in the home is constantly being carried around. Even if you thoroughly wipe all surfaces of dust every day, it hangs in the air and accumulates continuously. The more dust there is in your home, the more difficult it is to control eczema. Dust is literally unavoidable, unfortunately. However, the less it is, the better for your skin. Dust is full of allergens, particles that cause inflammation, mites, dead cells, particles from the environment. All of them affect the skin badly, even more so if eczema is present.


Stress intervenes at all levels in the body. It also affects the skin. If you are exposed to high levels of stress for an extended period of time, the skin suffers. Your eczema will get worse if you don't address stressors. This is because stress hormones weaken the skin's defense mechanisms and make it even more vulnerable, especially with an existing skin problem.

Some foods

There is a significant difference between allergies and eczema. However, both skin conditions can be made worse by eating certain foods. Often, this mechanism is individual, so it is not possible to pinpoint specific foods that aggravate eczema. If you notice that your eczema gets worse after eating a certain food, don't eat it.

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