6 habits that harm our beauty

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6 habits that harm our beauty
6 habits that harm our beauty

Most of the habits in our daily life harm our he alth and beauty. Such are the crossing of the legs, drinking with a straw, not applying sun protection cosmetics and during autumn and winter days. What else is good to avoid to preserve your beauty?

Hot shower

A very hot bath or shower is our relaxation therapy at the end of the day. But for the skin, bathing in hot water every day disturbs its natural balance. This causes irritation, dryness, infections and itching. It is very important to apply a suitable moisturizing product after showering to nourish it deeply.

Supporting the face with hands

This is one of the most common harmful habits that we do unknowingly. Looking at our phone, something in the computer, we support our chin with our hand, for example. This disrupts blood circulation. Also, touching with dirty hands increases the risk of skin problems, especially for acne-prone skin. Last but not least, you wrinkle your skin.

You mask oily skin with powder

If your skin is combination to oily, it most likely gets more oily in the T-zone area. Unpleasant shine can appear even less than an hour after applying a mattifying foundation or powder. How do you deal with it, do you put on more makeup to cover it up? Totally wrong!

First you need to remove the excess sebum. If you don't do this, the accumulated dust and sebum get sealed in the skin. This leads to clogging of pores and formation of blackheads, acne.

Add to your cosmetic bag special sheets for removing excess sebum, they are sold in makeup stores, but if you don't have them handy, try a simple tissue.

Combing your hair after bathing

Combing your hair immediately after showering is an action that almost everyone does, but it harms its beauty. Wet hair is much more brittle. If you are going to comb it, it must be in the shower, you have applied suitable styling products to facilitate combing. Also, soak up the water from your hair rather than toweling it.

You apply makeup immediately after cleaning your eyebrows

Any movement with the tweezers increases the risk of infection. That's why you shouldn't apply makeup immediately after cleaning your eyebrows. Instead, wipe your skin with a mild disinfectant, clean your tweezers and makeup brushes regularly.

You exfoliate too much

Too frequent use of exfoliating products leads to excess secretion of sebum and at the same time leaves the skin dehydrated. Exfoliate your skin once a week or every two weeks. Also, be careful with their application. You should not do it aggressively so as not to injure the skin. The idea is just to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin tone.

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