20 things that are important to have in the home first aid kit

20 things that are important to have in the home first aid kit
20 things that are important to have in the home first aid kit

What's in your home first aid kit? Other than headache, cold medicine, nasal spray, patches, etc. it's good let's add some more valuable products. They promote good he alth and beauty, but can also help with some problems.

See which ones are good to have in your home medicine cabinet, or at least some of them.

1. Burdock oil and castor oil – for hair growth.

2. Apricot oil – for massage and nourishing nails, for soft skin.

3. Tincture of red pepper – for hair growth.

4. Lavender essential oil – for skin, hair and to eliminate stress.

5. Sea s alt – s alt baths for nails and body or homemade peels for beautiful skin.

6. Wheat germ oil – for dry skin.

7. Jojoba oil – for nourishing the skin and against wrinkles on the face.

8. Tea tree oil – for pimples, foot fungus.

9. Blue clay – for face and body masks, detoxifies, reduces cellulite, rejuvenates the skin.

10. Calendula ointment – to soften the skin of the heels.


11. Cosmetic walnut oil – for wrinkles, varicose veins, for shiny hair.

12. Glycerin – to soften the skin of the hands, heels.

13. Almond oil – for treating stretch marks, softening the skin, hair, for eyelash growth.

14. Mint oil – for digestion, depression, emotional fatigue, headaches.

15. Aloe vera gel – for superficial wounds on the skin, light burns, to nourish the skin.

16. Cocoa butter and shea butter – to nourish the skin, hair, to treat stretch marks.

17. Massage gel with horse chestnut – to soothe pain in muscles, back, legs, varicose veins.

18. Arnica – ointments with the herb nourish the skin, but also soothe pain as a result of physical activity, blows, interventions.

19. Honey – for colds, sore throat, light burns, for face masks, hair, for homemade peelings.

20. Nettle and Rosemary – the herb decoction stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

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