13 ways to beat hunger

13 ways to beat hunger
13 ways to beat hunger

Stress, dehydration… These are just some of the reasons that make us hungry more often, eat unhe althy and gain weight. When trying to lose weight, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to control hunger. Is there a way to overcome the constant appetite? Yes, check out some easy-to-follow tips from the pros.

1. Consume enough protein (fish,eggs,meat) – so you will be fuller for longer, have more energy, lose weight, reduce the risk of losing muscle mass.

2. Add to your menu foods rich in fiber (such as fruits, vegetables, legumes) - they satiate, improve digestion, affect the synthesis of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

3. Choose a solid breakfast instead of liquid - according to scientists, a he althy breakfast such as a whole grain sandwich, diet pancakes, eggs, can help us feel full for a longer time than if our breakfast is liquid in the form of a smoothie or fresh.

4. Drink coffee – a he althy intake of caffeine can affect appetite, reducing feelings of hunger.

5. Eat consciously - under normal conditions, your brain knows whether you are hungry or full. But when you watch TV, talk on the phone, search something on the Internet, it takes the focus away from the eating process. As a result, soon after you have eaten, you will feel hungry again. Therefore, focusing on food can affect calorie intake.

6. A small piece of dark chocolate – according to experts, the bitterness of dark chocolate helps reduce hunger and our appetite for sweets.

7. A small piece of ginger - the aromatic spice has a number of he alth benefits, including: reducing nausea, muscle and stomach pain, helps with high blood sugar, but also reduces hunger. According to a study, a small piece of ginger added to fresh or brewed as a tea can help us reduce our appetite.

8. Spice up your meals – ginger isn't the only spice that curbs hunger. The capsaicin found in chili peppers not only increases the burning of excess calories, but is also believed to reduce appetite.

9. Use small plates - a trick that will help you unconsciously reduce your calorie intake, but without feeling hungry.

10. Exercise regularly – daily exercise can affect levels of hunger hormones, increasing feelings of satiety when eating after exercise.

11. Get enough sleep – according to studies, lack of sleep can increase our appetite, especially for unhe althy foods, by up to 24%.

12. Add omega-3 to your menu - found in fish, seafood, nuts, algae. These fats help increase the satiety hormone leptin.

13. High-protein snacks – if you get hungry between meals, eat some yogurt, a handful of raw nuts, a hard-boiled egg. They will keep you full and reduce the risk of overeating at the next main meal.

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