3 important tips for he althy jogging in the summer heat

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3 important tips for he althy jogging in the summer heat
3 important tips for he althy jogging in the summer heat

The long-awaited spring and summer are two of the most favorite seasons of millions of people around the world. The pleasant weather and blooming nature are a boon for walks and outdoor activities. For runners, this is the moment when they will leave the gym, where they have been running on the trail all winter, and finally enjoy their favorite outdoor jogging.

Running in the summer, however, can be a real challenge because of the heat. If you live in an area with higher humidity, this is an even bigger problem for your body to deal with during your workout.

What can you do to make your jogging efficient, beneficial and he althy in the summer heat?

Dress appropriately

If in winter you wore a sports outfit made of synthetic material, in summer it is the worst possible choice you can make. Nylon clothes should be replaced with all-cotton ones. They absorb sweat and help the natural evaporation of sweat and cooling of the body. If you wear sports equipment made of artificial materials in the summer, you multiply the risk of heat stroke that your body will face.

It is also important to choose colors other than black. The color black absorbs much more UV rays, leading to overheating and increased radiation in the body.

It is preferable not to wear regular glasses, as they may injure your eyes if they fall. Instead, wear a special visor that covers your head. It does not fall off the head so easily and at the same time protects the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Keep well hydrated and get enough electrolytes

In the heat, the body loses much more fluids and s alts, important for the transport of nerve impulses in the body, reaching all the muscles. To prevent these dangerous losses, drink more water while running, and before and after jogging, eat foods rich in potassium and sodium.

Don't overwork yourself, be patient

When the weather is nice outside, we feel like we have the strength to run around the world. A fairly common mistake is overexertion, which leads to dangerous exhaustion and fluid loss. Dehydration while jogging in the summer heat is a dangerous condition that can lead to some complications.

To make running a useful workout in hot weather outside, don't push yourself. Give your body time to acclimatize to the conditions. Don't rush the pace prematurely, but gradually.

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