You let your hair dry on its own - don't make these mistakes

You let your hair dry on its own - don't make these mistakes
You let your hair dry on its own - don't make these mistakes

In summer, hair dries out more than in any other season. Experts advise to limit the use of a hair dryer to a minimum, so as not to exhaust the already fragile hair exposed to the harmful effects of the sun and heat to the limit.

This is why many women let their hair air dry on its own. Think you can't go wrong with such natural drying? They can and many of the ladies do.

You braid your hair

, braided is so tempting because with absolutely no effort you will get a wonderful wavy hairstyle after releasing the braid.

We have bad news. Braids on wet hair damage the hair many times more. They make it brittle, prone to breakage and thinning.


Instead, wait for the hair to dry as much as possible so that the water evaporates from it and the hair regains the resistance it lost while the hair was wet. Only then braid the hair for an hour. When you let it go, spray with a light hairspray to keep the shape of the curls.

You are not using any products

When you have decided that you will leave your hair natural, you also forget about styling products. Using only shampoo for washing is a mistake in these cases because it dries out the hair and scalp too much and can lead to problems.

Don't forget the conditioner, mask and nourishing oils, even if you let your hair air dry. She needs nourishment, and just because you've skipped aggressive drying doesn't mean now isn't the time to nourish her even more.

You are applying too many products

Saving styling products is a mistake, but overdoing them is of course not right either.

Abuse of gels, mousse and hairspray, heavy conditioners and masks can lead to heavy oiliness, irritation of the scalp, hair loss and damage to the integrity and he alth of the hair.

Keep her on the same path

If you do not change the hair path, it can affect the he alth of the hair. Let it dry naturally, but move it in different directions from time to time. This is how you move the hair and make it more alive and elastic.

Keeping the hair in the same position for too long can even cause scalp pain like tying it in a ponytail too hard and tight, for example.


Besides all this, if you move your hair periodically you will have better volume.

Wipe vigorously with the towel

When the hair is wet, the hair is most susceptible to damage. That is why too aggressive and vigorous rubbing and wiping with the towel after a bath carries great risks. Without realizing it, this can lead to breakage, heavy flowering, hair breakage.

Sleeping with wet hair

In the summer, sleeping with wet hair is a convenient option, because you don't suffer from the heat of the hair dryer, and you feel the coolness of the wet hair.

But the combination of wet and vulnerable hair and the pillow can be quite harmful. With the weight of your head, you press the wet hair against the pillow, breaking and breaking the hair unconsciously while you sleep.

So wait for the hair to dry before going to bed.

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