5 mistakes that ruin your hair color

5 mistakes that ruin your hair color
5 mistakes that ruin your hair color

Newly dyed hair looks great - it's shiny, the color is rich, the hair is shiny, and your confidence is sky high.

After each wash, however, the hair color becomes paler, the hair stays somewhat dry, and the effect of the dye weakens too quickly.

Where are you wrong?

1. Wash your hair with hot water

Hot water damages not only the hair color, but also the hair itself. By washing your hair with hot water, you extract all the moisture from the hair. It becomes dry and breaks easily. Boiling water also damages the scalp by dehydrating it and making it irritable.

To keep your hair color for longer, wash it with lukewarm water.

2. You're using the wrong shampoo

There are different shampoos to support different hair colors. Read the labels carefully to choose the right one. Avoid shampoos containing sulfates because they damage the paint color faster.

3. You stay in the sun too long

The sun's rays damage not only the skin and natural hair, but also dyed hair. They can cause the paint to lighten drastically or change its shade.

4. You spend too long in the pool or in the sea

Chlorine and water treatment and purification preparations in swimming pools damage the color of dyed hair. The same is true of the s alt water in the sea. Do not spend too long with wet hair or under water. After exiting, rinse thoroughly with clean tap water. Don't let your hair dry with s alt and pool cleaners stuck to it.

5. Wash your hair very soon after dyeing

After you dye your hair, wash it once to wash off the dye. To preserve the color and he alth of the hair, do not rush to wash your hair in the evening or in the morning of the next day.

In order for the hair to recover after dyeing and especially for the dye to penetrate well into the hair, you must wait more than 24 hours before re-washing. The first day is very important to keep the paint as good as possible.

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