5 he althy weekday snack ideas

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5 he althy weekday snack ideas
5 he althy weekday snack ideas

We want to eat he althier, maintain the desired weight or lose weight… The basis of all this is the food we consume. We spend most of our day at work. Temptations are all around us. Even if we have had breakfast, lunch, sometimes between meals we get hungry and resort to eating unhe althy treats.

And it can be much he althier. We just need a small box to take with us for the day and a little something to eat, prepared at home. Check out some ideas for snacks between meals when you're at work.

Hummus and Carrots

Hummus is prepared from chickpeas, and sesame tahini can be added to it. It's a great combination of high protein, he althy fats and fiber. Carrots will also provide you with vitamin A, potassium. You can also try hummus in combination with celery and cucumber. Not only will it fill you up, but it will provide you with energy while also helping to control your insulin and blood sugar levels.

Tuna and Whole Wheat Crackers

You can get fish in your own sauce, with 2-3 crackers or breadcrumbs, some cucumber. A great snack that can also replace a main meal. You get protein, carbohydrate, fiber. You can control the amount of s alt you consume. If desired, you can replace the fish with cottage cheese or cottage cheese.

Apple and Peanut Butter/Peanut Tahini

Tahini can replace a handful of raw nuts. Apples are high in fiber. Combine them with peanut butter that has no added sugar or s alt. This snack will keep you full for a long time, plus it's a great pre-workout snack.

Yogurt and blueberries or other berries

Yogurt can be an excellent addition to any diet. You provide calcium, proteins, probiotics, antioxidants. If you like flaxseed, you could complete your breakfast by adding some, but it is important that it is pre-ground or well crushed.

Small Sandwich

The snacks between meals should be small enough to satisfy our hunger, not to fill us up. Therefore, if you feel like eating a sandwich, prepare something very small. Choose whole wheat or gluten-free bread. Add tomato, cucumber, green salad to it. It is preferable not to use sausage, but to use roasted meat or canned tuna.

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