Common summer makeup mistakes

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Common summer makeup mistakes
Common summer makeup mistakes

High summer temperatures and humidity can be a complete disaster for your flawless makeup. How to keep your face fresh and look flawless and what are the most common mistakes in summer makeup? See the following lines.

You use the same makeup color in the summer too

After you get a nice tan on your face, your makeup palette needs a change. One of the biggest mistakes is to keep using the same color powder or foundation that you use for the rest of the year.

This also applies to eye shadow,blush, lipstick. Powder should not hide your complexion and make you look unnaturally white compared to the rest of your body. Shadows, blush and lipstick should emphasize it and slightly contrast it.

Skip applying makeup base

During the summer months, it's extremely difficult to keep your makeup looking perfect throughout the day, especially if you don't apply a proper makeup base. No matter if your skin is oily or dry, you shouldn't skip this step.


Choose a makeup base suitable for your skin type. This way you will keep your make-up flawless for longer, despite the conditions of the external environment.

Do not use excess sebum absorbent sheets

They are available in all perfumeries and are affordable. In a small box, fine in texture, the sebum excess absorption sheets are a must-have for your handbag. With their help, the skin of your face will not shine unpleasantly and at the same time they will not take away from your makeup.

Using powder powder

As much as you love loose powders, applying them to your face in hot, humid weather is more of a mistake than a proper summer makeup solution. Try using liquid and cream products in the summer, and switch to powders again in the fall.

You do not use thermal water

Thermal water has many benefits for the skin. During the summer months at the beach, it is ideal for cooling down and maintaining the he alth and beauty of the skin. And when you spray it lightly and from a distance on makeup, it will make it more permanent.

You are not moisturizing your skin enough

is never a good base for creating a nice look. Don't forget to gently exfoliate your skin once a week and apply a proper moisturizer every day.

You are overdoing the bronzing products

In the form of a spray or cream, the self-tanner provides you with a tan in just a few hours. Its use should be gentle on the face area, especially if your skin is porous.

If you overdo it, not only will you get an orange complexion,but your pores will become more visible and look like they are filled with blackheads. So apply in small amounts of it.

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