How to prepare hair for spring

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How to prepare hair for spring
How to prepare hair for spring

Warm and sunny days will come very soon and we will gladly take off the annoying hoods and hats. The only problem is that in winter, when we wear a hat every day to protect ourselves from the cold, the hair becomes lifeless, dry, with split ends. In order to return the he althy shine and elasticity of your hair and especially your curls as soon as possible, you need to start intensive care and recovery right now. How to quickly and effectively restore the shine of your hair?

Main Issues

By the beginning of the spring season, we all face the following problems: dryness and brittleness, scalp problems, lack of shine. To rid your hair of these flaws, you will need several days of intensive care, but before you start uncontrollably smearing your head with all the masks presented in cosmetic stores, it is important to objectively assess the scale of the situation with your hair.

Don't rush to treat your scalp and hair with all possible means, but think about exactly what your complaints are and what your goals are. Before strengthening the hair, it is important to strengthen the scalp.

Get rid of skin problems

Start with the scalp. If at the end of winter you do not feel an itch on your head, hair grows normally, the head is not covered with dandruff - you are lucky, but if suddenly a problem from this list appears, be prepared to take some time to recover.

For dry skin, nourishing masks and serums are suitable, for example BC Bonacure Scalp Genesis.

If you are worried about dandruff – choose a suitable shampoo for yourself and use it several times until the skin is completely clean.

The shampoo complex on quick degreasing of the scalp and will help you remove excess oil.

Fast Recovery

When the skin is fine, you can start strengthening the curls. To prevent new problems, nourishing masks, balms, oils and serums should be chosen for your hair type. Masks with nourishing oils and collagen are suitable for dry and lifeless hair. A regenerating mask with sun protection is ideal, this will help preserve the effect. A shiny effect is achieved by masks with coconut, keratin and hawthorn extract.

Recovery Schedule

Don't rush and don't overdo it. Shampoo should not be used more often than 2 times a week, and masks will be enough every 5-7 days, more frequent use can lead to new problems. If it seems that the hair still does not have enough strength, you can make a mask 2 times a week, and the second time - only on the tips of the hair.

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