What not to do after dyeing your hair?

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What not to do after dyeing your hair?
What not to do after dyeing your hair?

You've spent a lot of money on a hairstylist to help you get the color you've been dreaming of. Dyeing at home can also be quite satisfying as long as you follow some rules.

Whether you used professional services or prefer to do your color at home, it is important not to make some mistakes in the first week after dyeing. They damage the color and the hair itself.

Avoid hot water

Too hot water damages the hair after dyeing. It also damages the color itself as it penetrates the post-treatment vulnerable hair, then causes the color to fade soon after application. To preserve color saturation long after dyeing, wash hair with lukewarm to cold water.

Avoid the sun

Direct sunlight for a long period of time spoils the color and texture of the hair. Colorants and oxidizers in hair dyes in contact with UV light cause reactions that cause shades to fade and lighten.

Don't wash your hair

Have you ever wondered why your dye package only has conditioner but no shampoo? It is not necessary. Rinsing off the paint is quite enough. After dyeing, you do not need shampoo. It will only take away from the intensity of the color and make some of your work go to waste.

Do not apply chemicals to hair

After the hair has been treated with dye and lighteners, no hairsprays, gels, styling products or waxes should be added to the hair. These and similar cosmetic products destroy the hair because they penetrate it at a time when it is very vulnerable. In addition, they spoil the hair color itself.

Avoid Chlorine

Pools with chlorinated water are not recommended immediately after coloring your hair. Also avoid washing your hair with excessively chlorinated water. If your water is like this at home, boil it before using it for washing.

Chlorine spoils the color and texture of the hair. It can make exactly the unwanted tones in your color pop.

Do not heat the hair

If you use hair straighteners, straighteners or hair dryers in the first days after dyeing, you will exhaust the hair to the limit. High temperatures also cause the color to fade prematurely.

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