How to go a week without washing your hair?

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How to go a week without washing your hair?
How to go a week without washing your hair?

Kim Kardashian recently shared in an interview that she washes her hair once every five days. The truth is that such a practice is able to significantly strengthen your hair, since the separated sebum aims to protect and strengthen the hair.

Exactly for this reason, oily hair is a good therapy that doesn't have to spoil your beautiful look.

The secret to combining these otherwise absolutely contrasting ideas is in the right hairstyle.

You can easily and with good tricks cover up dirty roots and allow yourself not to worry about the look.

We offer you five hairstyles for each of the days to strengthen your hair.

1. First day

If it's your gym day but you've washed your hair, don't worry. All you have to do is match the exercises to ones that don't make you sweat. Gather the hair on both sides of the face with bobby pins and leave the rest of the hair loose.

2. Second day

On the second day, tie your hair into a slightly loose bun. This way you will prevent it from touching your neck and possibly getting greasy from sweating. Stay like this until the end of the day.

3. Day Three

Hair has already started to get a little greasy. Usually this is in the initial stage and not only does it not look bad, but also gives texture and density to the hair. You can leave it in by using a dry shampoo to eliminate visible oiliness.

4. Day Four

It's braided ponytail day! Tie into a ponytail and braid using a thin rubber band to hold the braid. Also, you can choose your favorite tiara and wear it boldly.

5. day five

The day of the high and tight bun. Because the hair is oiled, it's much easier to get rid of ingrown hairs than usual. Use an elastic to tighten the hairstyle and avoid spoiling it.

Another good option is a shallow herringbone. The good thing about the last day is that dirty hair is much easier to take a certain shape for a longer time.

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