How to slow down skin aging

How to slow down skin aging
How to slow down skin aging

Dr. Radina Denkova from clinic Aesthe Clinic talks about one of the negative aspects of aging – the loss of facial volume and advises how to counter it.

- Dr. Denkova, what are the causes of aging of our skin?

- I will paraphrase the well-known thought "Even if a person lives well, he grows old!"

Aging is a natural process involving external and internal factors. External factors affecting aging are stress, smoking, excessive exposure to the sun, or so-called photoaging.

The internal factors that cause the skin to age are the earth's gravity in the first place, changes in the bone structure of the face, repetitive movements of certain muscle groups, loss of fat tissue and decreased levels of collagen and elastin in the skin.

- What are the results?

- The first visible results are the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. This is the area that ages first, due to the peculiarities of the structures under the skin. Volumes in the middle part of the face begin to decrease, from there the oval of the face also changes, sagging, sagging are formed, the facial contour is not so tight. The face from a triangle with the acute angle down, in the youth, transforms into a triangle, already turned with the base down. Shadows appear, making the face look tired, limp and sad.

- What are the countermeasures in such cases?

- My practice shows that when we have all these signs that I listed above, the counteraction should be complex, but the efforts should be directed in the direction of revolutionization (returning the lost volume).

- What does this mean?

- Volumization includes measures - surgical, with the weapons of aesthetic dermatology or with the appropriate cosmetics, to restore the lost volumes in different parts of the face (I emphasize to restore, not to create new volumes) so that it regains the previous oval, to stretch the contours and acquire youthful freshness.

- What are the most common techniques and products you use in this direction?

- In my daily practice, I most often use fillers based on hyaluronic acid to model the face and restore lost volumes, collagen stimulators, which, although slower, achieve the same. Finally, I recommend home care that works in this direction and maintains the achieved results.

- What home care products do you recommend after the procedure?

- First and foremost I am a dermatologist and I choose carefully what I will recommend to my patients in terms of purity, active ingredients, action and effectiveness. Usually, dermatological cosmetics are prioritized because they can more guarantee protection against the occurrence of allergic reactions, have an average price for the quality they offer and can be easily found by the patient in almost all pharmacies.

- Will you commit to a product or series that works best for facial volumization?

- Yes, I would commit to the new series of, which is designed to support recovery processes and maintain good volumes, hydrate the skin well and maintain collagen levels.

- For which age group of patients would you recommend the series?

- series is designed for mature skin, i.e. for ladies and gentlemen after 45 years. This is the age when the volumes most visibly begin to be lost and the aging processes are already present.

- How does this cosmetic help to preserve volume in the skin of the face?

- With its active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin well and gives it shine and moisture, with Oligopeptides extracted from anise, which stimulate the production of collagen in the lower levels of the skin and keep it firm and contoured. The series also contains a revolutionary ingredient - Magnolol.

Highly effective Magnolol increases the size and number of volumizing cells. Magnolol is an active ingredient extracted from the bark of the magnolia tree.

Stimulates the secretion of a bio-active substance that increases the synthesis of collagen and increases the volume of skin cells, thus restoring the shape of areas with reduced volume.

- Which of all the products in the series is your favorite?

- The series contains eye cream, day cream for dry and combination skin, night cream and serum I can't help but admit that my favorite is the serum, especially since personally I used it for about a month. What I noticed right away is the extremely light texture, which is a pleasure to apply, the subtle, unobtrusive scent that creates a feeling of freshness and the concentration of active ingredients that, for my age, do a great job.

- How would you recommend using the products as a combination?

- It is best, if the patient has the opportunity, to use the serum as a base for the day cream and for the area around the eyes - the eye cream.

If they don't have the option of this classic combination, I highly recommend the serum as the product of choice, especially after 40

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