High cholesterol interferes with conception

High cholesterol interferes with conception
High cholesterol interferes with conception

There are a number of factors that affect cholesterol levels, which according to new research can be an obstacle for many couples to have a baby.

The report published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism shows that couples who maintain high levels of cholesterol may have more difficulty conceiving than those who maintain normal levels levels.

For the study, a team of specialists from the National Institute of Child He alth and Human Development tracked the he alth status of 500 couples who were trying for a baby but were not treated for infertility.

aged between 18-44 and men over 18. The couples were observed for a year. After running several blood tests, the researchers found that couples in which both partners had high levels of cholesterol had difficulty conceiving

Study author Enrique Schistermann says that high cholesterol levels not only pose a risk to heart he alth, but can also reduce the chances of conception. During the one-year study, 347 attempts to have a baby proved successful. For the others, the process was not successful.

Cholesterol may be related to fertility because it is a building block of male and female hormones.

These hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men, play a role in couples' ability to conceive. They affect sperm quality, as well as ovulation, implantation and maintaining a he althy pregnancy in women.

before they start trying for a baby, they go through a series of medical tests. Thanks to this, a number of obstacles that would prevent conception can be regulated and removed.

Other factors that affect the process are an unhe althy lifestyle and overweight.

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