Chronic fatigue - what causes it?

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Chronic fatigue - what causes it?
Chronic fatigue - what causes it?

Do you often feel ? Apathetic? You have no desire for any activity and want to go home and lie down in front of the TV!

If you feel constant fatigue even after you passed out over the weekend, then you have a serious lack of energy You will need to make some serious changes in your lifestyle and bad habits that play an important role in preserving energy

What are the most- surprising reasons why you can feel very tired through all the time?

Consuming less water

Dehydration affects the body and energy reserves very badly. Loss of fluids leads to a decrease in the volume of blood in the blood vessels. This can cause blood to clot. The condition makes it harder for the heart to pump blood, which in turn makes it harder for important nutrients to reach all the organs. Drink fluids more often!

You don't consume enough iron-rich foods

Iron deficiency in the body can also make you feel tired and weak. Make sure you eat enough iron-rich foods to prevent chronic fatigue. Such foods are leafy greens, cabbage, eggs, beans, red meat and nuts.

Skip workouts when you're tired

It's natural to not feel like exercising when you don't feel a drop of energy in your body. However, this is a gross mistake. Just because you feel tired doesn't mean exercise won't give you the energy you need to complete your daily commitments!

Exercising regularly for 20 minutes 3-4 times a week reduces fatigue levels, makes people more durable and active during the day.

You miss breakfast

Many people on a diet or with an irregular daily routine skip breakfast. And it is one of the main energy meals during the day, especially at its start! Skipping breakfast means depriving your body of vital rebound nutrients like carbohydrates. Skipping breakfast exhausts your body and makes it harder for it to meet your daily needs.

Don't eat he althy food

If you focus on fast breakfast, desk sandwich, chocolate desserts and cookies during the working day, don't expect to get a burst of energy. Not only will your blood sugar levels spike, but you'll also experience a sharp drop in energy afterwards. To feel energetic and active, eat he althy and balanced food that increases energy stores, such as nuts, seeds, salmon, sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc.

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