Foods that help with diarrhea

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Foods that help with diarrhea
Foods that help with diarrhea

Stomach disorder diarrhea most often occurs during a cold, when eating certain foods, after using medications, when the monthly cycle begins, and others. In these moments, the way of eating is very important. A certain diet must be followed in order for the problem to subside more quickly. There are several he althy foods and drinks that you can take during diarrhea because they have a burning and soothing effect on the intestines.


One of the few fruits that are suitable for diarrhea and have a burning effect. They are easily digestible, which makes them a suitable food for an upset digestive system. They are rich in potassium, which can successfully replace lost electrolytes during acute diarrhea.

They also contain pectin, a type of soluble fiber that helps with proper bowel function. Bananas also contain inulin. Inulin is a probiotic and is important for beneficial bacteria in the intestinal system, also called probiotics.

Apples purée

Like bananas, apples are rich in fiber. In raw form, they would cause intestinal spasms and slower resolution of diarrhea. Therefore, it is good to remove their skins and boil them lightly, then make them into a fine puree.


it is recommended to avoid the consumption of dairy products, except cheese with the toasted slice of bread. Yogurt is the other exception that can help you. It is an important probiotic that takes care of intestinal balance and the proper functioning of the intestinal system. Consume natural yogurt without added fruits and sugars in it.


Chicken meat is an easily digestible food that supplies important nutrients to the body during diarrhea. It is good to prepare it boiled or, as a last resort, roasted, but without adding fats and spices.

White rice and potatoes

He althy foods that will quickly help reduce discomfort during diarrhea. They are low in fiber but higher in starch and are easily digested by the intestines. You can consume them in their pure form without adding fresh milk, butter or any other type of fat, which can further irritate the intestines and lead to cramps.


They help not only with cystitis and urinary tract problems. In Sweden, dried cranberries are widely used for diarrhea. They are recommended to be chewed dried or prepared in the form of warm tea. They contain tannins, which have a burning effect,and also reduce inflammatory processes. They act antibacterially and are rich in pectin and antioxidants.

Toast and Plain Biscuits

If you have diarrhea, it is good to avoid whole grain breads and crackers. Switch to processed wheat products. They also contain small amounts of sodium, which will also help restore electrolyte balance during diarrhea.

Among the he althy drinks that help with diarrhea are herbal teas of mint, chamomile, and jojoba, which are soothing and reduce gas in the intestines.

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