Natural cosmetics - care for the beauty and he alth of the skin

Natural cosmetics - care for the beauty and he alth of the skin
Natural cosmetics - care for the beauty and he alth of the skin

At a sophisticated party, in an incredible setting and under the influence of the magic of nature, one of the leading luxury brands of natural Greek cosmetics Apivita, which is now also available in Bulgaria, was presented market. The brand has a 35-year history.

Back in 1979, Nikos and Niki Kutsiana created their first natural product, combining propolis, honey, royal jelly, plant extracts and essential oils. To this day, the mission of the big team from professionals who stand behind the name of natural cosmetics is that it continues to be natural, effective and holistic.

The name Apivita is derived from the Latin word "apis" (bee) and "vita" (life), meaning the life of bees. The brand's logo is inspired by the "Bees of Malia", a unique Minoan gold jewel created in the middle of the Bronze Age (around 1700 BC), symbolizing fertility and harmony.


What makes this cosmetics truly amazing and why should you trust it?

The company produces cosmetics from bee products and plants native to nature in Greece, without parabens. Bees and plants are grown with local, organic resources managed with respect for nature, biodiversity and the sustainable development of the planet. Each product is the result of extensive research.

are one of the elements in the brand's DNA. The company focuses on creating standardized extracts with high biological value and concentration of active ingredients developed from organic, certified plants and nature-friendly solvents.

Customers can choose from a rich range of over 300 products for hair, face and body care, sun protection products, hair loss products, cosmetics for babies and children,cosmetics for men and many more that are clinically proven to be effective.

The brand also offers innovative spa therapies based on the Hippocratean philosophy,essential oils and the Mediterranean diet. Products containing propolis, royal jelly and indispensable aromatic herbs have conquered world markets, such as those in Japan, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Ukraine and others.

Here you can buy these amazing natural cosmetics in the pharmacy network. Don't miss to touch nature. Rediscover the beauty and the he alth of your skin. Take care of your family.

Once you touch natural cosmetics, every time you use it you will touch the power of nature.

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