How Danny overcame colds

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How Danny overcame colds
How Danny overcame colds

With the onset of the autumn-winter season, colds, flu, and viral infections become more frequent, for adults and children alike. We adults have found a way to boost our immunity. We take vitamins and minerals through nutritional supplements and food, drink more herbal teas, eat honey, garlic, dress warmly. The truth is, our body needs year-round support, not just during the cold months.

This rule also applies to the smallest. They need a complete diet, more fresh fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, fresh juices. Despite daily care, however, children are not fully protected.

Today I want to share Danny's story with you. It is no different from the story of your children, who almost every month, while their bodies try to build immunity, go through persistent runny noses and coughs, frequent home treatment and almost no visits to the nursery/garden, inhalations, otitis, even taking antibiotics…

Danny is 3 years old, my close friend's child. He is lively, he likes to play with other children, he eats a variety of food, in the summer he collects sun rays at the sea, but… he often gets sick, often having to take an antibiotic.

You'll be asking yourself, "Doesn't she take something to boost her immunity?" She does, several times a year. Colostrum, propolis, various grandmother's remedies for strong immunity…

My girlfriends and I talk not only about shopping and beauty treatments, but we also share our worries. For Danny's mother, the biggest concern is his he alth and how to make him more resistant to viruses.


The job allows me to have access to a large amount of information on all kinds of topics, including how to strengthen a child's immunity. That's how I came across information about Sambucus Nigra Syrup. The next step was to ask my colleagues with children if they had tried this natural immune support product. I heard some good reviews and didn't hesitate to share it with Danny's mom.

What does Sambucus Nigra contain?

It has gathered in itself some of the best natural immunostimulants, such as black elderberry, echinacea, propolis and colostrum A natural protection for the child's organism during the autumn-winter months (and not only). The secret of the syrup lies in the black elderberry, which naturally strengthens the immune system and maintains vitality in children, as it has powerful antiviral properties.

Sambucus nigra is also rich in important nutrients, including flavonoids, lots of vitamin C, provitamin A, choline, resins, tannins, organic acids, mucilages and tannins, carotenoids, amino acids and others.

Little Danny likes its taste and has been taking it for several weeks. Not only did the ailments lessen, but when he got a cold he recovered much faster. The best thing is that if you don't have time to go to the pharmacy, you can also order it online.

Last but not least, don't forget to hug and kiss your children every day. Daily hugs, kisses and positive emotions have been proven to naturally strengthen the immune system in both children and adults.

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