Quiz: How old is your heart?

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Quiz: How old is your heart?
Quiz: How old is your heart?

The lifestyle that each of us leads determines the age of his body. Often the age we are does not correspond to the age of our body. It's nice when someone is 30 and their body is younger. This means eating he althy and exercising regularly. We're sharing a short quiz that will guide you how old your heart is.

1. How old are you?

  • A) 20-35 (one point)
  • B) 35-50 (two points)
  • C) 50 – plus (three points)

2. Are you or have you ever been a smoker?

  • A) No (one point)
  • B) Yes, but I stopped smoking a long time ago. (two dots)
  • C) Yes, but I gave up smoking soon. (three dots)
  • D) Yes, I am a smoker. (four dots)

3. How would you describe the physical activity you do every day?

  • A) I do sports every day. Only on weekends I give myself a little rest. (one dot)
  • B) I don't do sports and mostly travel by car.(four points)
  • B) I try to walk more often and instead of using the elevator, I take the stairs. (two dots)

4. How much s alt do you consume daily?

  • A) More than 1500 mg (four points)
  • B) Less than 1500 mg (one point)
  • C) I don't know. (four dots)

5. How often do you eat fruits and vegetables?

  • A) Vegetables mainly as a side dish. (four dots)
  • B) I eat vegetables at every meal, fruits too. (one dot)
  • C) I usually eat them for breakfast. (two dots)

6. How many centimeters is your waist?

  • A) more than 95 cm (four points)
  • B) 70-95 centimeters (two points)
  • C) less than 70 cm (one point)

7. In times of stress you:

  • A) I cope easily in stressful situations (one point)
  • B) I feel pressured and take stress hard (four points)
  • C) I have a hard time in stressful situations, but I manage (two points)


If you have less or 10 points your heart is young. Continue to eat more fruits and vegetables, watch the amount of s alt and exercise. Only then will you slow down the aging process of your heart.

Between 10 and 28 points. Your heart is middle-aged

You probably don't feel middle-aged. To rejuvenate the heart and reduce the risk of heart problems, obesity, diabetes, etc. pay attention not only to nutrition and sports, but also to harmful habits. The minimal changes you make will have a positive impact on your heart he alth.

Over 28 points Your heart is old. The good thing is that you may be 60 years old, but your heart should be like that of a 40-year-old man. If you fall into the group with more than 28 points, you should seriously pay attention to the he alth of your heart, because the risk of heart disease is high. Quit smoking, eat more fruits and vegetables, and do moderate physical activity.

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