Wrinkles on the neckline - what helps and what doesn't?

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Wrinkles on the neckline - what helps and what doesn't?
Wrinkles on the neckline - what helps and what doesn't?

The first wrinkles appear on the neckline because the skin is more delicate than on the face. Which ads to believe and which not to believe? There are several ways we can remove them and prepare for a deeper neckline for the approaching hot evenings.


Lasers are the most advanced method for removing fine lines and pigmentation. By removing the top layer of skin and stimulating the immune system to respond, collagen production is increased in the lower layers. Thus, when the skin regenerates itself, it has a more even complexion and is smoother. However, you must be convinced that a professional is behind the laser, as the skin on the neckline is very delicate.

Cream with vitamins

Every next anti-wrinkle cream they advertise has more vitamins, proteins, amino acids and oils from different fruits. However, they will only improve the quality of your skin temporarily, as they mostly moisturize it and won't do much to remove wrinkles. Possibly if they contain a pearlescent sheen, it will give a seeming enhancement to the look.


Botox is injected to soften and smooth wrinkles, but this does not apply to the décolleté area.

Special Bras

They are of two types and are put on at night while sleeping. In the first model, instead of cups, there are sections with soft pads for each of the breasts to avoid them crushing into each other while we sleep. The second bra is designed for women who sleep on their side or have a larger cup size. There is a plastic cylinder between the breasts that keeps them separated from each other. It acts as a support for the upper breast and prevents it from falling onto the lower one by pulling the skin down as well, reports the Daily Mail.

Special bras are more suitable for prevention than for removing wrinkles, because once they appear, they are difficult to hide.

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