What is "sushi face" and how to reduce the risk of it

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What is "sushi face" and how to reduce the risk of it
What is "sushi face" and how to reduce the risk of it

Have you heard of a “sushi face”? The actress Julianne Moore shares that the night before an important event she does not consume sushi so that her face is not puffy. You have probably noticed how the consumption of Eastern cuisine affects you and not only. Sometimes we cannot reduce this puffiness for days after consuming favorite foods. In the long run, it makes us look tired, our skin loses its glow, fresh complexion. What can we change in our diet to reduce the effect of "dry face"?

Reduce consumption of s alt and s alty foods

Some people have no problem with frequently consuming cheeses, olives, sausages, packaged goodies, because they do not suffer from excess fluid retention. Although there are a number of factors that can cause bloating and water retention, experts recommend keeping s alt consumption to a minimum. Some people say that they do not add s alt to their meals, but they should not forget that if they eat sauces, snacks, etc., they contain a lot of s alt. By cutting back on s alty foods, you'll look much fresher and less bloated.

Watch what carbs you eat

According to scientists, for every gram of carbohydrates, our body retains 3 to 4 grams of water, which affects the waist, limbs, face. Pay attention to what carbohydrates you consume and in what amounts. Avoid biscuits, pasta snacks, sugar, confectionery, salads. Bet on small amounts of whole grain foods, which are rich in fiber, and do not overdo it with the consumption of potatoes, carrots, rice.

Drink enough water

Fresh water! Good hydration helps reduce fluid retention, fewer toxins accumulate. Replace carbonated drinks, canned juices with water, green tea, herbal teas. This way you will feel and look fresher.

Eat yogurt

According to some studies, the consumption of fresh milk, sweetened milks, cheeses can lead to swelling, puffiness. On the other hand, yogurt (unless you have an intolerance to it) helps improve digestion, takes care of the skin from the inside out, we retain less excess fluids.

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