How to reduce facial fat

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How to reduce facial fat
How to reduce facial fat

As anywhere on the body, excess fat can accumulate on the face as well. Some women are more prone to this unpleasant problem than others. Fat deposits usually appear around the chin, under it, on the sides of the lower jaw.

Unfortunately, our body and genetics determine how we tend to accumulate more fat when overweight. If your face is among the areas on which weight gain affects instantly, read the following lines.

How to reduce excess fat on the face?

Consult your doctor

Puffiness, swelling of the face, water retention in this area, as well as fat accumulation may be the result of taking certain medications, be a symptom of some hidden disease or an existing hormonal imbalance. To determine whether the cause is a he alth problem or medication, or neither, talk to your doctor.

Think about your food

Are you eating right? Are you limiting your intake of packaged, processed, s alt- and sugar-laden foods? Very often, an unhe althy diet is at the root of the problem of fat accumulation on and around the face and neck. Alcohol is also one of the causes.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity is important for both the body and the face. If you're trying to lose even a few pounds, one of the first parts of your body to see your success is your face.

Do face exercises too

The face is made of muscles that help you make all the complex grimaces you are capable of. They take care of the speech and chewing function. If you do enough exercises for your facial muscles, they will be tighter and less likely to hold fat around them.

As an additional bonus for your face, there will be a reduced risk of early appearance of wrinkles, sagging, uneven complexion.

Get enough sleep

Insomnia and not having enough time to sleep is another problem that causes puffiness of the face and accumulation of fatty tissue in the area. It is no coincidence that they say that every woman should take her dose of sleep for beauty.

Massages are useful

Pamper yourself with a facial massage with a special fat-reducing purpose. Trust a licensed specialist in this field to give you a proper facial massage, stimulating the lymph and temporarily retained excess fluids in the area.

Hydrate yourself

A well-hydrated body handles excess fat more easily. Drink enough fluids, focusing mainly on water, sugar-free teas, fresh unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices.

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