Face powder according to skin type

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Face powder according to skin type
Face powder according to skin type

In daily care for good appearance, in addition to washing gels and face creams, ladies also apply powder. It often happens that they buy a product that is actively advertised, but yes not suitable for their skin type. Here are some tips on what powder to choose according to the specifics of your skin.

Powder for dry skin on the face

For dry facial skin, you should choose a powder that has a hydrating effect. These powders help the skin to retain moisture and at the same time provide a smooth surface without making the skin excessively oily. If you have to apply a make-up base and concealer, let them also have a moisturizing effect on the skin. Cream powders are a good option for this type of skin.

Powder for oily skin

Oily skin is difficult to maintain. You need to cover up excess sebum, but at the same time, the skin needs to remain well hydrated. Use face powders that have a mattifying effect. They control oiliness without drying the skin. You can refresh these powders throughout the day. There is a trick that can help keep skin from being so shiny. Before applying the foundation powder to your face in those areas where the skin gets more oily, apply a small amount of baby powder. This will absorb excess sebum.

Powder for normal to combination skin

For these skin types, again choose powders that hydrate and have a mattifying effect for the specific areas where there is more intense sebum secretion.

Powder for acne-prone skin

Acne-prone skin also tolerates the application of powder, but you need to choose a special one that allows the skin to breathe, provides even coverage and does not grow acne outbreaks. These powders usually contain salicylic acid, which is an active ingredient in acne treatment products. It is possible that with long-term use of this kind of powder, the skin that is not affected by acne will dry out.

Mineral Face Powders

Mineral face powders are a favorite of ladies who choose eco-friendly cosmetics. They are usually powdered and applied using a powder brush called a kabuki (a brush with a very short handle and a wide bristle base). Mineral powders provide light to medium coverage and can be a substitute for liquid make-up bases. It is good when you buy such a powder to ask the seller-consultant if it does not contain synthetic ingredients.

Powder for sensitive skin

For ladies with sensitive facial skin, there are powders that are hypoallergenic. Rarely, some of them contain ingredients that can cause irritation and an allergic reaction. Since sensitive skin can be dry, normal, oily, it is good when choosing a hypoallergenic powder to know what your skin type is in order to choose the right product. Powders for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin are good to look for in pharmacies in the medical cosmetics section.

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