3 easy tricks for whiter teeth

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3 easy tricks for whiter teeth
3 easy tricks for whiter teeth

White smile is not a dream. There are tried-and-tested home tricks that have been proven to make your teeth whiter. One such trick is whitening with a banana peel. With the inner white soft part of the bark, rub your teeth for 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

This trick is done twice a day. Here we share three more tricks that will help you have a sparkling smile every day. You must also do them in the morning and most importantly - after you have drunk your coffee or tea.


Good for the skin, eyesight and heart, he althy vegetables can help make your smile whiter. Grate a carrot on a fine grater and rub your teeth with it for a few minutes.

you can add a few drops of fresh lemon or orange juice. Do this trick once a day.


This aromatic root has many he alth benefits. When you want to whiten your smile, be careful, because besides being fragrant, ginger is also quite spicy. Finely grate ginger root (without the peel) or make a paste of dry ginger with a little water.

Then rub gently for a few seconds on the teeth and rinse with water.

Baile leaves

leaves you only added to aromatic dishes, know that just like basil, they help to have white teeth. Make a paste of bay leaves and finely grated orange peel. Place it on a toothbrush and scrub your teeth for a minute or two. Do this trick twice a day.

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