6 habits that damage the kidneys

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6 habits that damage the kidneys
6 habits that damage the kidneys

Urine retention, insufficient water consumption, neglecting colds, are just some of our bad habits that put the he alth of our kidneys at risk. Organs involved in the formation of red blood cells, regulate blood pressure, detoxify internal organs, eliminate excess fluids, control all essential minerals contained in the blood.

What other habits can impair their function?

Long sitting

Did you know that regular physical activity helps regulate blood pressure and maintain normal glucose metabolism? All factors that are important for maintaining kidney he alth. Sitting for long periods of time without moving can increase the risk of kidney disease by 30%. If your job is behind a desk and you sit for a long time, try to do sports 2-3 times a week or walk more.


Lifting too heavy objects, overloading with weights in the gym, heavy physical activity in general can harm kidney he alth. The condition is also known as rhabdomyolysis, where striated muscle tissue called myolysis breaks down and releases muscle protein into the bloodstream. The condition can occur without symptoms.

Frequent intake of some medications

Although anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen are safe in moderation, frequent intake can also damage the kidneys. Over-the-counter pain relievers reduce blood flow to the kidneys and make them worse, especially if you already have kidney disease.


Good rest and sufficient hours of sleep are extremely important not only for maintaining beautiful skin, he althy weight, but also for he althy kidneys. Sleep/wake cycles regulate and coordinate kidney function, and the tissues of this organ are renewed only during sleep.

Lack of sleep can also cause atherosclerosis, or hardening and clogging of the arteries. The condition can cause high blood pressure, which can overload the kidneys and cause kidney failure over time.

You consume too much meat

Overconsumption of animal protein creates a lot of acid in the blood, which can cause acidosis, a condition in which the kidneys cannot maintain the body's pH balance.

The recommended daily protein intake is about 1-1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Too much s alt and sugar

Did you know that 95% of the sodium consumed in food is metabolized by the kidneys? If you consume too many s alty foods, you make it difficult for your kidneys and other organs in your body to work.

Frequent consumption of sugar and sugar products also damages the kidneys. It is responsible for the increase in body weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, diabetes. Leading causes of kidney problems.

The recommended daily intake of s alt is about 3.75 grams (1 teaspoon of s alt is 8 grams), for sugar 6 teaspoons

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