How to introduce the baby to the pet without stress?

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How to introduce the baby to the pet without stress?
How to introduce the baby to the pet without stress?

Raising children around pets has many benefits. Animals love children and children absolutely adore them.

Games are crazy, naughty and full of love. There is almost no child who does not want a pet. This friendship makes children and animals inseparable, teaches children tolerance, attention and respect for other creatures, which inevitably affects their relationships with people.

Sometimes the arrival of a new family member is a difficult situation to accept. If you already have a pet who does not realize that soon a baby will appear in the family, you need to somehow prepare it so that there are no traumatic moments.

What is the easiest way to do this?

Make a birth plan - especially for the animal

It's true that the last thing on your mind right before the birth is your pet, but if you want everything to go smoothly, you need to include it in your plans.

In order not to leave the animal in a stressful situation when you run to the hospital, arrange for someone close to look after it or take it to him. Thus, the animal will not associate the arrival of the new family member with something traumatic and bad.

As much as you may not believe it, animals also have their own psychology, albeit different from that of humans, and stress affects them just as badly as it does us humans.

Introducing baby stuff early

It is good to get the animal used to the change in space. Animals know their territory very well, and when something new enters it, it inevitably makes an impression on them.


So place items around the house that will serve the baby when he comes. Let the animal walk around them and get used to their presence and smell. Place the stroller, bed, swing, or litter box in central locations in the home so they are accessible to the animal's attention, especially if it's a dog.

Throw a blanket with the smell of the baby

In order not to have problems with the animal when you bring the baby home, try to send someone close to home to present the animal with a blanket or cloth with the smell of the baby.

This way you will avoid unexpected situations, because the animal will be familiar with the smell of the coming baby and the surprise will not be so big.

Allow “kisses” if you like

Some people find it unacceptable for an animal to lick a baby, but if that idea doesn't bother you, you can let it nicely "kiss" it.

Thus the bond between the animal and the baby is strengthened.

Give your pet a little more love

It is clear that all your love will be directed towards the baby, but still spare a little of it for the animal as well. There is a danger that he will feel withdrawal from you, which can cause jealousy and its negative manifestations.

Remember that animals are extremely sensitive and feel every change in their owner's behavior.

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