Innocent mistakes that put kidneys at risk

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Innocent mistakes that put kidneys at risk
Innocent mistakes that put kidneys at risk

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body, without which life is unthinkable. A number of vital functions are carried out in them. If we do not take care of them properly, our cardiovascular system is put at risk, our body will not get rid of toxins, the electrolytes in our body will suffer a serious imbalance.

Every day, many of us make seemingly innocent and harmless mistakes in our lifestyle, which, however, can put the kidneys in front of a real challenge. What are these not-so-harmless habits?

You consume processed and packaged foods

Almost all processed and pre-processed foods for direct consumption contain higher amounts of sodium than necessary. Too much s alt in food means impaired kidney function. Sodium causes fluid retention in the body, increased blood pressure, cellulite, impaired kidney function, electrolyte imbalance.

You don't control your blood pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous for the entire body. The kidney has a rich network of blood vessels, some of which are central. Uncontrolled blood pressure can cause serious kidney dysfunction, kidney failure, even kidney infarction.


Lung cancer is not the only threat from cigarettes. They can cause many other he alth problems, including kidney disease.

You don't drink water when you're thirsty

Not all people like to drink water. However, the kidneys need enough fluids in the body to perform their functions. If you don't drink water when you're thirsty, you're putting them at risk. Thirst is the last signal that you should definitely drink water before you get thirsty. That is, you have already fallen into a mild form of dehydration. It is better to drink water regularly during the day to avoid thirst.

You often take painkillers or anti-inflammatories

Chronic pain is hard to bear. Therefore, those suffering from various body pains often turn to these pain and inflammation-reducing medications. These drugs are absorbed through the kidneys and pass through the bloodstream through them. Frequent use may damage them.

You are taking nutritional supplements

Just because a product is defined as natural or natural, and is not classified as a medicine, does not mean that it is harmless. Dietary supplements based on plant extracts are not harmless. They are filtered through the kidneys, and if misused or applied unnecessarily, they can harm these important organs.


Being overweight, especially with fat accumulation around the waist, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes in all its forms is a disease that directly affects the kidneys and over time can lead to their damage. Control your weight, eat right and exercise more.

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