Bad habits that damage the kidneys

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Bad habits that damage the kidneys
Bad habits that damage the kidneys

Kidneys are very important organs. They filter toxins from the blood and remove excess substances from the body. If the kidneys become seriously ill, life is put at serious risk.

Kidney diseases are unfortunately very common worldwide. Millions of people suffer from kidney disease and many of them are waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant.

In order to protect our kidneys from serious damage, we must realize how we ourselves affect them badly. Very often we do not realize how pernicious are our harmful habits, with which we ruin the function of these vital organs.

What are the most common bad habits for ?

Urinary retention

You squeeze often for one reason or another. You put off getting up from your desk and going to the bathroom because you have work to do. You put off going to the bathroom while you're in the car and driving because there's nowhere to stop. You're squeezing because you're just too lazy to go to the one place - well, because of all these stupid reasons for not getting rid of the urine build-up, your kidneys are suffering.

Urologists advise going to the toilet at every convenient opportunity to avoid retention of toxins in the body. Urinary retention can cause inflammation of the kidneys, stones and other more serious diseases.



Cigarette smoke doesn't just harm your lungs. It affects every little part of the body. Your kidneys also suffer from smoking. It can cause chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure affecting the kidneys and tumors.

You don't keep your blood pressure normal

Monitoring and maintaining blood pressure is very important not only for the work of the cardiovascular system, but also for the kidneys. A heart attack can affect not only the heart, but also the kidneys. Hypertension directly affects the blood vessels around the kidneys, as well as their functional tissue.

You lack physical activity

is important for overall he alth. Without it, many organs and systems suffer, including the kidneys.

You overdo it with sweets

Sweet is not only harmful to blood sugar, but also to the kidneys. In addition to your general he alth, you will also ruin your kidney function if you overdo it with sweets, especially those with processed sugars.

You are dehydrated

In order for the kidneys to work properly, they need good hydration. Many people allow slight dehydration in their body without realizing it. Even a mild form of dehydration interferes with the normal function of the kidneys and creates conditions for the formation of crystals and stones.

Too much s alt on the menu

S alt causes an increase in blood pressure, which reflects on the work of the kidneys.

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