6 precautions before visiting family

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6 precautions before visiting family
6 precautions before visiting family

There is one day left until the state of emergency due to the coronavirus is lifted. Many people will probably rush back to their normal lifestyle and spending time with loved ones and family. Before doing so, however, you should consider your and their security and safety. To continue to be responsible for your he alth and that of your loved ones, take some precautions before seeing relatives, friends and loved ones.

Wash your clothes

Viruses and bacteria can stick to clothes, making them potentially dangerous. It is important that they are washed regularly and that clothes that have been outside and touched different surfaces are not brought home. However, when you visit family or friends, you enter their home with the clothes outside, and vice versa (if they come to visit you). Therefore, it is very important to wash the clothes with which you intend to visit your loved ones and try not to sit in public places with them.

Take your temperature

You don't want to infect your loved ones and friends without wanting to, do you? Then always take your temperature before going out and meeting people. This will help you know whether you are carrying any infection or not. An increase in temperature is characteristic of a coronavirus infection, although it is not required. However, it is an indicator that can guide you if you do not have any other symptoms.

Check the he alth status of your family

Before visiting your loved ones, make a phone call and inquire about their he alth status. If they are not feeling well, do not meet them, but take the necessary measures. Contact the family's GP and explain the symptoms.

Buy Disinfectant Spray

When you go out it is good to carry a disinfectant with you. Thus, you will be able to instantly disinfect your hands when you enter the home of your loved ones. You might accidentally touch something with dirty hands, so spray them with disinfectant before coming in to wash with warm water and soap.

Avoid public transport

Using public transport is a convenient and cheap way to get around, but in the conditions of the coronavirus, it is not a good idea to ride near many people in an enclosed space.

Think carefully who is at high risk

Everyone is eager to see their family and loved ones, especially if they have strictly followed the recommendations to limit the spread of the coronavirus. However, it is important to consider whether someone in your family is at risk. If this is the case, postpone the meeting with the family. It is believed that people over middle age are at higher risk, with accompanying diseases related to the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, oncological diseases.

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