Success stories - Bulgarians think about the problems of European he althcare

Success stories - Bulgarians think about the problems of European he althcare
Success stories - Bulgarians think about the problems of European he althcare

The raging pandemic has raised questions about he althcare in Europe, which is not the first time it has faced serious problems. The most common among them are a growing percentage of an aging population, the inability to access he alth services - whether because of prices or location, as well as the lack of a unified European approach to creating medical records. In many countries of the European Union, there is more and more talk of the he alth sector slowly becoming digital.

Hardly anyone can deny that the current approach to he alth record keeping is outdated. This, on the other hand, leads to long queues in front of doctors' offices, appointment of medical tests and procedures several times, as well as exorbitant sums for he alth manipulations abroad.

Today, the world is fighting the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease, and a huge part of it is limiting social contact to slow the spread in hopes of finding a cure or vaccine. In this situation, digital medical records can play a major role in saving human lives, providing faster access to medical information to professionals around the world.

Businesses and institutions in Europe are yet to discuss how to create such a common system for the exchange of medical data, but in Bulgaria there is already an innovative international he althcare project - CURES Token. It provides an answer to some of the problems of modern he althcare and offers concrete solutions.

The idea of the platform, which is in an advanced stage of development, is to give easier access to personalized treatment for patients from EU countries. The company sets an example in the field of rare diseases – the current average time for their diagnosis of 5-6 years can be shortened to 1 year, mainly because of molecular diagnostics and remote consultations with European medical specialists.

The CURES Token team consists of young professionals united by the common idea of better access to he althcare for as many people as possible. Behind the project are medical, legal and financial specialists with many years of experience.

Two of the founders of the project - Stefan Krastev and Vasil Alyoshin, are also behind the creation of the successful mobile application Vision, intended for over 300 million people worldwide suffering from color blindness. Bulgarians with color blindness also got an advantage here and to date over 80 thousand users from schools and administrative structures use the application.

CURES Token is also the only Bulgarian team that has been invited to work together by the American innovative giant General Electric in order to improve the efficiency of some of the company's processes, as well as integration options.

The financial director of the company - David Bonev, says that they rely on fundraising campaigns, from which they have received over 350,000 dollars so far. He believes that such initiatives will drive medical progress in the coming decades.

The team behind the platform plans to make access to electronic he alth records free for all participants in Bulgarian he althcare, with the emphasis being and will be on the final patient. Their hopes are soon to be able to do tests with real integration in local he alth care to show that the innovation makes sense with the idea of better personalized medical care.

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