Tips for proper home furnishing

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Tips for proper home furnishing
Tips for proper home furnishing

Video: Tips for proper home furnishing

Video: Tips for proper home furnishing

There are many ways to organize your home. But there are also some basic rules to be guided by or just use as a guide when choosing the arrangementand the positioning of the furniture.

Carpets and rugs are placed under the furniture

In order to bring additional coziness and create the impression of a larger space, designers advise placing carpets under the living room table, thus creating a feeling of warmth and an optically expanded space around the living room set.

Sofas need some space

It is good to arrange the sofas and armchairs so that there is some space between them and the wall or between them. This brings a feeling of "free breathing" into the home, energy flows freely through the premises and this has a beneficial effect on you and your family. Feel free to position the sofa in the center of the living room if the room allows it!

Bring in light

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a home! Try to provide enough light in your home - you can choose central lighting or emphasize the local - the choice is yours! Make sure that there is enough light in every corner of the premises. This is very important in terms of improving the energy of the home. If you use local lighting, place 3 lamps at the edges of the room so that they form a triangle - this will balance the energy

Bed Positioning

It is very important how exactly the beds will be placed in the bedroom. Use an accessible corner if the room is small and place the bed there. If you have a wide doorway, place the bed against it. It is good for the bed to be positioned on the side of the doors, and not close to the walls.

Choose curtains instead of blinds

The more curtains and blinds you have, the more coziness your home will exude! To avoid the office atmosphere, do not stop in your choice of blinds and do not leave the windows bare! If you want more light, just choose transparent ethereal curtains made of organza or denser, but in light tones. It is good that the curtains in the bedrooms and the living room are as long as possible, and in the kitchen - up to the level of the window!

The table in the dining room should be under the lighting fixtures

It is good that the dining table is well lit and the light falls exactly centrally on it. Small rooms often do not allow for such precise positioning, so bring in additional light through local lighting or candles.

Coffee tables should be big

The tables in the living room and the living room should be large in area to accommodate your guests. So they will feel welcome in your home and will be comfortable. A large coffee table contributes not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a practical one. It is good to place them about 40 cm from the sofa.