Cleaning the home from disease-causing microbes in winter

Cleaning the home from disease-causing microbes in winter
Cleaning the home from disease-causing microbes in winter

Video: Cleaning the home from disease-causing microbes in winter

Video: Cleaning the home from disease-causing microbes in winter
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During the winter season, it is extremely difficult to fight off flu and colds and keep your immune system strong to overcome harmful influences. To help your body cope, it is good to pay attention to the cleanliness of your home, and in particular to certain areas that favor the constant flow of disease-causing microorganisms

Wash shared blankets and pillows During the winter months, a cozy family practice is to watch TV on the sofa, wrapped in a shared blanket. It is good to wash at least twice a month, and the pillows at least every two weeks. Wash with hot water. This is the surest way to remove germs.

Clean your mobile phone regularly. You may not believe it, but sometimes it is dirtier than the toilet or the soles of your shoes. This is because bacteria prefer warm places where, combined with the moisture from your breath, they can multiply in large numbers. We advise you to use antibacterial cleaning cloths that will not damage your device's screen. These antibacterial wipes protect against staphylococci, fungus and salmonella.

The same goes for the computer and the keyboard The family computer is the source of an enormous amount of bacteria and dirt that both you and your children touch with their hands. Turn off the device, pat the keyboard from the garbage, crumbs, dust that got into it. If you have difficulties, use a hair dryer to remove them with a strong jet. Finally use the antibacterial wipes again.

It is good at least once a week to clean your children's toys. Especially the rubber ones, which collect more germs. Use a 2:1 ratio of water and vinegar. Soak the toys for about 15 minutes, then dry. And don't be fooled that the toys in the bathroom are cleaner than the others - on the contrary! Even more bacteria multiply on them. Therefore, after use, rinse them well and let them dry until the next use.

Use disinfectants and towels. Do not miss the door locks, the toilet cistern, the refrigerator handle, the light switches - these are the areas we touch most often in everyday life you are So they are a constant stream of disease-causing microorganisms. You'll save yourself the headache of dealing with the flu and cold.

Treat the floor in the hall regularly. It is an area of constant traffic of bacteria and dirt, especially if your corridor is transitional and through it you enter the rest of the rooms. Regardless of the type of flooring, daily cleaning is necessary during the winter season. Use strong anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic preparations, also hot steam cleaning machines are very good for killing viruses and bacteria.

Children's cups,especially the plastic ones that come with a built-in straw for the child's convenience, are another place where dirt collects. Wash them with hot water after every use, without exception! If possible, disassemble them to avoid food residues and dirt on the curved areas.

Air conditioner heating can have harmful effects on he alth if not cleaned regularly. Pet hair, dust, allergens and germs collect under the filters. That's why breathing can get worse or you can even get sick. The solution is simple – change the air conditioner filter regularly. If necessary, also clean with the vacuum cleaner around the covers of the ventilation holes.

Every few days change the hand and face towels in the bathroom. Cloth towels are a favorable environment for bacteria to multiply. They can survive there for several hours. If this bothers you, you can use disposable paper towels.