First symptoms that you have become a shopaholic

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First symptoms that you have become a shopaholic
First symptoms that you have become a shopaholic

Our life is unthinkable without shopping: we regularly replenish our stock in the wardrobe. You can't tell how many jeans, skirts and blouses you have. You don't go a week without buying something - whether it's a piece of jewelry, a belt or a blouse. Shopaholics are enchanted by everything feminine - clothes, shoes, bags, underwear, jewelry, cosmetics. Some also fall in love with the Za 1 BGN and Second Hand stores, but this is also considered an obsession. In some thrift stores there are already bank terminals - if you have run out of money in your wallet - you can pay by card, no problem. Everything is at the service of the buyer.

“When I'm happy, I go to a jewelry store and buy a piece of jewelry. When I'm sad, I go in and buy a piece of jewelry.

"I buy a scarf, a bag - whatever - and I feel good all day!"

These are confessions of two women from Sofia. Are you addicted to shopping? Do you treat stress with it? Do you dream of fashionable outfits? Do you trip on the sidewalks while walking with your head turned toward the windows? If your answers to these questions are yes, there's a good chance you're a shopaholic.

According to a study, the most dangerous age for shopping addiction is between 25 to 30 and 45 to 50 years and in people from big cities. Naturally, people in small settlements do not have these temptations.

Smart people shop after thinking carefully - do they need the new item and have they paid the monthly household expenses.

In its strongest degree, the disease proceeds with payment by credit cards. The obsessed resort to consumer loans and loans from close people.

How we can counteract the magic of shopping

Reorganize your wardrobe with the help of a friend. You'll be surprised how many outfits you can put together that will last you a whole year. Plan the essential, minimal purchases for next season.

Train your will - set a goal - two weeks without entering a clothing store, then two more and finally you can celebrate an anniversary - 30 days without a single purchase.

Find a substitute for shopping and away from shopping streets and malls. Start hiking, walking in the park, charity or volunteer work in a government/non-government organization. If you are arranging a date with a friend, don't let it be for the purpose of shopping. Visit an exhibition in a gallery or take a walk in the park. Some people cure their addiction to buying clothes and cosmetics by setting aside the money intended for the purchase and saving it for a trip. An excellent solution - psychologists support trips for positive emotions and experiences instead of accumulating things. So instead of 2 new bags, 3 pants, 5 blouses and 2 perfumes, you have a reservation for an Easter trip to Greece.

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