Why do men hate shopping?

Why do men hate shopping?
Why do men hate shopping?

Does your significant other love shopping? Does he enjoy walking around shopping malls and malls for hours on end? If the answer is no, then your man is like most average men.

Actually, many men don't hate shopping per se Rather, they don't like shopping with their significant other. The aimless walking around, the endless hours spent waiting while women try on dozens of models of pants and blouses to decide which ones make them the slimmest and best looking, drives them crazy!

Men like to know what the purpose of shopping is. Going "just to look" is madness for them. "Why browse if I'm not going to buy?". And above all buying anything for them should be a necessity. Or at least for most of them.

We women have the overwhelming desire to spend the Saturday day with our significant others shopping - whether it's clothes, home stuff, even food. For us, this is a way to get rid of stress, diversify, and pamper ourselves.

The time spent with the loved one and his opinion is valuable in choosing a new thing or garment. But men are wired to understand the world differently. And that's the beauty of the relationship between men and women - different points of view should not be seen as a reason to fight, but as a way to see different sides of the same coin!

Men prefer to spend an average of about 45 minutes shopping. Walking around drives them crazy. Often liking something, they buy it, rarely hesitate and look in other stores. In comparison, women get nervous after the second hour. They tend to walk around most of the stores in the mall or the entire shopping street to make sure they have picked the best.

To avoid arguments about this matter, fretting and grumbling, dear ladies, you can use the so-called strategic shopping. Note that most shopping centers are structured strategically according to users. Generally, most people walk to the right when entering from the entrance. Therefore, you will probably find some men's shops there. Also most men's stores are located on the ground floor.

So while your men are on their way to their goal, you ladies can use the time to patrol your 'territories'.

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