What to do with old toys?

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What to do with old toys?
What to do with old toys?

This problem for mothers comes up all the time. For some earlier, for others a little later, but it is inevitable. Even those who do not have such great financial opportunities nowadays are overwhelmed with cheap toys. And after tripping several times in the pile of plush toys, impaling yourself on some part of the constructor and collecting the pieces of the carpet puzzle all day, you finally feel like throwing everything in the trash.

However, this is not the best idea, because the little one might remember exactly what you threw away and scream I want it… and civil war will break out at home. Anyone who hasn't bought the same toy as someone else doesn't know how terrible the guilt feels, especially in front of those who can't talk and can't lecture you about the harm of throwing away and damaging your favorite toys. They only look at you with teary eyes and you, if you don't realize that you are a big fool and fix yourself, you are guaranteed to be a complete idiot and everything human is alien to you.

What can we do to reduce the number of toys?

Very simple - don't buy toys

In fact, the youngest between 0-3 years old, don't even ask for anything from Santa Claus. They can easily turn everything around them into toys, you need to monitor whether it is safe. I even think it's helpful to encourage their exploratory abilities and make toys out of socks, cardboard, and other classic scraps.

Toys come alone. With the guests

Everyone who goes to visit where they know there is a small child feels obliged to bring something. And if the child is too young for chocolate, or the mother foresawly forbade her acquaintances and relatives to visit them with candy and junk food, they are left with only toys. And yet, every self-respecting grandmother or aunt wants to win the love of the little ones - it's easiest with something tasty or something colorful.

Kids start asking for toys when they enter society - when they enter the social wilderness and try a "drug" for the first time - I'm talking about ad addiction. Depending on the time of realization, the parental paradise also ends. Then immediately start with the explanations "why not everything that flies is eaten and why not everything in the store can and should be bought"

Even if you have enough money, it is not a good idea to start buying your children's love and attention. Mom is not a money box or a toy machine! Try to make your child perceive you as you would like.

Otherwise it's easy - you buy, buy, buy… then throw away, throw away, throw away… but that way the love for you will be bought and sooner or later you'll be thrown away like an old toy.

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