Stylish wardrobe without unnecessary shopping

Stylish wardrobe without unnecessary shopping
Stylish wardrobe without unnecessary shopping

The moment every second shop window in the mall starts to see a sign " 50-60-70-80% discount", our feet lead us to the clothes hangers by themselves. Often, however, when we return home, we realize that we only saw the new price tag in the mirror, and not ourselves in the garment. How to avoid moments of regret and both shop with measure and maintain a stylish wardrobe?

When you are caught up in the shopping euphoria, don't ask yourself, "Do I have anything to 'tie' this lovely blouse with?", but rather, "I have at least 3 things I'll wear it with?" If the answer is yes, buy without hesitation!

An ideal way to cut your time (and money) shopping for clothes and shoes in half is by spending it organizing your closet. Hem the pants that were too long and you've been avoiding lately, take last season's favorite shoes to the cobbler to replace the toes, have a deep-pocketed suit dry-cleaned. All this will cost you money and time, but it will be incomparably less than if you allow yourself to spend it in the shops.

A wardrobe full of color-neutral clothes can significantly reduce your spending on

clothing. Such clothes are easy to fit, but unfortunately they are quite boring. We need quite a bit of ingenuity to solve this problem.

A colorful scarf with floral motifs, a bag in an eye-catching crimson color or low-top shoes with a leopard print will freshen up your overall look. The different combinations you can make with them and the clothes from your wardrobe will keep you away from stores and "unhe althy", impulse shopping for at least a month…

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