Short love messages from your letters

Short love messages from your letters
Short love messages from your letters

Love is a road but not for the lazy. It is long, thorny and steep. You can't drive past it, take the elevator or use the escalator. You have to walk past it.

There are so many songs, novels, poems, paintings, sculptures and films about her, yet so rare in reality. Why? Because for her you have to work hard, suffer her, prick yourself on her thorns, and only then will you taste her sweet nectar. In order to know the truth about love, we have to assemble, adjust, sharpen our feelings. That's why in our "Love Story" competition we asked you what you learned about love. Here are the series 7 and 8 responses to your letters.

Dimitar (Tonic): Strong love is possible only with a strong man!:)

Yordanka Nedyalkova: Love requires freedom, freedom everywhere, complete freedom!

Greta and Plamen Kolevi: Love - it begins when you are ready to change yourself for the sake of another!

Maria Simeonova: "The strongest symptom of love is tenderness, which from time to time becomes almost unbearable." (Victor Yugo)

Miya Alexandrova: Travel together.

Petya Petkova: Love is when you don't want to go to sleep because reality is more beautiful than dreams.

Simona Yordanova: A successful relationship is one in which there is harmony and everything happens by itself.

Yulia Drumchiyska: "Trust your heart, even if the seas burn, and live with love, even if the stars fall backwards!" (E. E. Cummings)

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