"The Invisible Fire" - Javier Sierra

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"The Invisible Fire" - Javier Sierra
"The Invisible Fire" - Javier Sierra

On the occasion of the premiere of the book, the author will be visiting Bulgaria and will visit Sofia on March 10 and Plovdiv on March 11.

One of the most popular contemporary Spanish writers arrives in Bulgaria to light the invisible fire of inspiration.

Javier Sierra is known to Bulgarian readers with the novels "The Last Supper", "The Templar Gates", "Napoleon's Egyptian Secret" and others. In 2006, his novel The Last Supper ranked sixth on the New York Times bestseller list, becoming the first Spanish novel to achieve this success in the United States. Javier Sierra's works have been translated into more than forty countries, including Bulgaria.

His latest novel - " Invisible Fire" won the prestigious Planet Award in 2017 and ranks among the best-selling titles in Spain, surpassing even "Origin" by Dan Brown.

At the invitation of "Hermes" Publishing House, Javier Sierra will visit Bulgaria and present "Invisible Fire" to native readers. The premiere of the book in Sofia will take place on March 10 (Tuesday) at 18:30 at the Greenwich Book Center. On March 11 (Wednesday), the author will visit Plovdiv as well, where he will meet with fans from 6:00 p.m. at the Trakart Cultural Center - Museum.

About the book

We tend to underestimate the power of words. They are such an everyday and inseparable tool of our human nature that we hardly realize how a single one of them can turn our fate around…

David Salas is the youngest lecturer in Linguistics at Trinity College Dublin. He has just finished his dissertation and is going on vacation in Madrid. There he has a meeting with his grandfather's old friend - Victoria Goodman.

Lady Goodman is a famous writer and runs courses for people tempted by literature. Their task is to search the pages of old books for clues to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. However, they do not suspect how dangerous their occupation is and what consequences it can have. Until one of them is found dead.

David embarks on unraveling the mystery together with Paula - Lady Goodman's beautiful assistant. Next up are Romanesque churches nestled in the Pyrenees, art collections in Barcelona, ancient manuscripts and inexplicable codes carved into stone…

All of them intertwine in a plot full of intrigues that make us wonder who lights the invisible fire in our souls.


Javier Sierra immerses us in an exciting story, and Spain becomes a literary territory saturated with mysteries, conspiracies and secrets. – La Razon

In his book, Sierra mixes many significant and different thoughts, philosophies, mystical and intellectual traditions with a marked artistic and literary imprint. – Alfa & Omega (ABC)

Javier Sierra offers an intriguing plot, interesting dialogues, plenty of intrigue and riddles that invite the reader to solve them. – El Correo

The 2017 Planet Award winner is an intelligent book that features interesting subject matter and an engaging writing style that ranks it among the world's bestsellers. – El Cultural (El Mundo)

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