Shopping with a man

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Shopping with a man
Shopping with a man

Men ain't what they used to be

We are used to not using the words "man" and "shopping" in the same sentence, but times have changed and we can no longer put all men under the common denominator.

Many of today's men want to not only look sexy but also want to be well dressed. And they not only want, but also actively care about it - they visit stores, browse websites, are interested in novelties, discounts and sales.

There are few left who rely on new additions only when a wife buys them a new sweater and birthday pants. And women, don't they, think about everything, always try to fill holes and needs.

Depends on what kind of man you come across, but for sure there are already men - shopaholics. And if they get together with a shopaholic, it becomes really fun or fun scary.

It is very pleasant to go shopping with this type of men. They don't tap your foot because you're already measuring your 12th pair of shoes, but because they have experience and flair, they're happy to bring you another pair and give you an objective assessment and advice.


Even if you take such a man to an all-women's store, he will not be nervous, but will act as a real consultant. If he's tactful, he won't tell you directly that your ass is big in those jeans, but will bring you as many models and patterns as you need until you find the ones that he thinks fit you perfectly What's better, standing in the fitting room trying on jeans after jeans or dress after dress? You will tire yourself more than he will. Finally, he can take out his credit card and pay for the purchases. A man - a dream for every shopaholic, right?

Well, I agree that few men are like that, but if you meet one, you will be able to walk around shops, malls and outlets at will.

In the end, if you are a free woman, you can have male friends for shopping and for a bar, and depending on the situation, you can call whoever you need.

And if you have chosen a man as your companion in life, who has nothing to do with shopping, then don't cause yourself unnecessary problems, leave him at home with the children, invite your girlfriends and indulge your shopping obsession.

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