Night wetting – what are the causes?

Night wetting – what are the causes?
Night wetting – what are the causes?

Getting up in the middle of the night to change the child's wet sheet has become a routine for many parents. This problem is extremely common, but no one discusses it outside the family. Many parents have difficulty talking about the problem and pretend it doesn't exist.

This "secret" problem makes both parents and children feel bad. If something is hidden and not mentioned, for 90% of children it means that no one else has such a problem but them. This makes them feel even more depressed and unhappy.

This is far from true. A huge number of children wet the bed at night. According to statistics, boys are more likely to have this problem. Children in general develop the ability to control their bladder at different ages – some earlier, some later.

Usually most children continue to urinate after age 5. This can last up to 10 years. Usually after this age this problem subsides if there is no other physiological prerequisite for its existence.

Night wetting is very frustrating for children,especially if their siblings make fun of them. Parents can also sometimes develop depressive symptoms because of this unpleasant situation, repeated almost every night. This sometimes inevitable part of growing up should not be traumatic for the child.

Parents should understand the reasons, explain them to the child and together talk about the problem and take steps to solve it.

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