He althy sleep - how to achieve it naturally?

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He althy sleep - how to achieve it naturally?
He althy sleep - how to achieve it naturally?

If your daily life is overloaded and your head is literally smoking from commitments, worries and work, your sleep is probably suffering from this too. Often, an overworked brain cannot rest properly. You toss and turn at night, you wake up, you can't sleep for hours, and when you finally doze it's time to get up.

Here are some things to pay attention to in order to improve the quality of sleep and be able to fall asleep more easily and quickly.

Build a routine

It may seem strange to you, but sleeping in until noon on the weekends won't help yourself much. It may even have the opposite effect of making you feel even more tired. If you get up early for work during the week, on the weekends set your alarm for an hour to an hour and a half after the time you get up during the week. Thus, your regime will not be significantly disturbed, and you will also get extra sleep. Remember that going to bed on time is also important for the quality of sleep.

Exercise regularly

Studies show that people who exercise regularly, 3-4 times a week, have better sleep than those whose only movement is walking to the bus stop before and after work. If you are the second type of person, do something to change this harmful habit. Choose a suitable sport for you and give!

Change your diet

Reduce coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate in the late afternoon as well as in the evening. Make dinner light and fresh and eat a few hours before bed. Avoid overeating. Skip spicy and hot foods as they can cause heartburn to bother you at night.

Don't smoke

Many studies prove that many smokers have sleep problems. They wake up tired, because nicotine has a stimulating effect during the day, but at night it withdraws from the body and causes a feeling of exhaustion. Smoking also exacerbates sleep apnea.


It disturbs the quality of sleep. If he helped you sleep by drifting you off while you were awake, during sleep your brain waves are affected by the alkaloids in the alcohol. This makes your sleep restless and incomplete. After the effects of alcohol wear off, one often wakes up with dizziness and a headache.

Don't let pets in bed

It's strange, but studies show that people who let their pets sleep with them in the bedroom have sleep disturbances. Especially large dogs and cats are the biggest culprits of poor sleep, as they naturally do not need as many hours of sleep as humans, they wake up very easily, move around, want attention, come to lick your face.

Maintain he althy room temperature levels

If it is too warm it is impossible to sleep. We've all experienced this during the summer. But an ice-cold room is also not preferable! Make sure you have your air conditioning or heating properly adjusted.

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