Visible signs of poor he alth

Visible signs of poor he alth
Visible signs of poor he alth

How many of you have passed by a random woman and stared with some envy at her skin or her youthful figure ? The appearance of each of us is unique. True, various factors affect it, one of which is youth, but it does not always guarantee pleasant shapes, soft skin and he althy hair.

Yet it is especially important as we age to watch ourselves. Thus, we could notice the changes in our own organism and take appropriate measures. And our body, for its part, is well-intentioned enough to warn us of upcoming changes.

Let's take for example wrinkles – we all know they are inevitable. However, an interesting fact is that they warn of the presence of osteoporosis. It turns out that there is a relationship between the amount of facial wrinkles and bone density, especially in menopausal women. Smoking also increases facial wrinkles, especially around the lips. Too much sun exposure has the same effect.

Pay attention if your feet swell. If so, this is a sign that you are retaining fluids and have circulation problems. The cause may be excess weight or heart failure.

At some point, your fingernails and toenails may become brittle, porous, or peel in layers. This is an indicator of a lack of complete nutrition: lack of vitamins, minerals or skin disease.

Increased hair loss can be a sign of stress, side effects of medications or hormonal changes. For some women, weight loss and hair loss may indicate thyroid dysfunction.

If your hair is too dry, it means you lack fatty acids and should consume more olive oil, nuts and seeds.

In case the skin of your body is too dry, add more foods rich in vitamins A, C and D to your diet and avoid baths with very hot water.

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