8 ways to get rid of bloating during pregnancy

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8 ways to get rid of bloating during pregnancy
8 ways to get rid of bloating during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body very easily retains fluids and begins to swell. The summer heat is about to set in, which further aggravates the condition of the pregnant woman.

Luckily, there are as many as 8 ways to reduce swelling during pregnancy! You just have to follow the advice of the experts! And they are:

Put your feet up

The weight of an advancing pregnancy takes its toll. The body experiences difficulty in the circulation of fluids and they accumulate in the limbs, especially the legs.

Whenever you have the opportunity, raise your legs to the level of the body.

Lie on your left side

This helps the blood flow more easily through the main blood vessel of the legs, which in other positions of the body is much more compressed.

Avoid the s alt

S alt causes fluid retention. Be careful with the quantities. Avoid adding extra s alt to your meals. There are certain amounts of s alt in the finished products, which brings excess amounts into the body. Avoid processed and canned foods.

Take more potassium with food

Bananas are the greatest source of potassium among food products. In many fruits this element is also present in abundance.

Use tight socks

Tightening socks are often recommended to pregnant women against swelling. They support the movement of fluids in the body and prevent them from being retained in the legs.

Regular Exercise

Exercise helps the muscles work properly, which affects the veins. We know that smooth muscle in the veins is responsible for pushing the blood back to the heart.

Through regular training, the muscles increase their overall tone, which also affects the smooth muscles of the blood vessels.

Keep Calm

Rest is very important during pregnancy. In the heat, it's good to find a way to cool off, like swimming in a pool, lying down in a cool place, and splashing your face with water.

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable

Everyone has their preferences. Some like to go to massage, others to acupuncture, still others to reflexology. Pamper yourself in a way that pleases you. Don't deprive yourself of the small pleasures and you will feel good.

Furthermore, these therapies help move fluids around the body and flush them out.

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