Reasons for easy bruising on the body

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Reasons for easy bruising on the body
Reasons for easy bruising on the body

Many people have seen a bruise on their body without ever realizing that they hit something. In other cases, the bruises appear even with the slightest impact on the edge of the table, for example.

Sometimes the damage is so severe that the bruise expands, darkens, dissipates for weeks.

What could be the reasons that cause easy bruising?

Food Supplements

Some over-the-counter nutritional supplements can cause bruising on the body, as strange as it sounds. Among them are ginger, garlic, ginseng, omega-3, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, vitamin E. As part of the possible side effects of taking these supplements can be the thinning of the capillary walls and their easy bursting.

Your Gender

If you are a woman you are much more likely to bruise than if you are a man. Men simply have thicker skin than women because they have higher amounts of collagen, which protects superficial blood vessels from injury.

You are getting old

Frequent bruising is more common in people over the age of 45 because collagen decreases with age. Blood vessels become more fragile and burst easily.

You are taking blood thinners

Anticoagulants and antiplatelets are designed to thin the blood and prevent blood clots from forming. If you are taking such medications for any reason, they are most likely the cause of the bruising.


Some antidepressants have this side effect. They interfere with blood coagulation processes and can cause easy bruising.


Corticosteroids also have this side effect in some cases. They are usually used to suppress allergic or inflammatory processes accompanied by swelling, redness, itching. The most common reasons why corticosteroid therapy is prescribed are eczema, lupus, psoriasis.

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin C and K deficiency may be related to the unexplained bruising you have. Vitamin C is an important component in wound healing and collagen synthesis. Iron deficiency anemia is also one of the possible causes.

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