3 reasons to change your mattress right now

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3 reasons to change your mattress right now
3 reasons to change your mattress right now

Some things in the home must necessarily be replaced over a certain period of time. The mattress is one of them.

You spend the whole night on the mattress, so it is important that it is comfortable. To be he althy, you need he althy sleep. You can get it if the mattress you sleep on is perfect for you.

If your old mattress has sung its song, it's time to replace it. See why you should do it now.

1. It's too old

Most mattresses are considered to have a shelf life of about 10 years. Although we know this, we rarely follow this rule. Some people keep mattresses over 20 years old that are already structurally altered, sagging, sagging on one side, full of mites. In all paragraphs it is harmful to your he alth.

Mites love mattresses. They are their place to live. However, they cause a number of he alth problems, mostly allergies and skin rashes. To save yourself respiratory problems and other troubles, change the mattress.

2. If it causes you pain

In old mattresses, bulges, indentations and bumps appear, which prevent the spine from stretching and relaxing properly. That's why you wake up tired and with pain in your back, joints, limbs, neck.

3. The old mattress has springs

According to some studies, spring mattresses are harmful to the cardiovascular system, they can even cause cancer. This is because of the metal coils in them. They create an electromagnetic field around them that your body participates in. The flow of electromagnetic waves through the body damages the processes in it and is the basis of a number of dangerous diseases.

Choose a new mattress made of modern and tested fabrics that will not pose similar risks to your he alth.

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